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The Art of Assist

Become a Visionary

The Art of Assist is the art of connecting deeply with another person, that means understanding this person, looking closely, seeing their potential, understanding the way they move, their body type, their limitations and possibilities.

And when I say art it is because it includes you as a teacher becoming a visionary, seeing something that might not yet be there. But your body knows and feels that this other body has infinite possibilities so you open up the field of potential for this other body to move and to trust.

It’s about keeping an open space, without judgement, creating an atmosphere of love so that they learn to love and accept themselves. One must be present and connected. It is a great practice of awareness and compassion.

And for that first you have to ask yourself in your own practice “Am I aware of every part of my body in this pose? Am I compassionate to myself? How is my practice?”

In this course you will learn and understand the underlying philosophical idea behind assisting. The practical hands-on, where and how to place your hands and your body in relationship to the student and how to direct the energy on the right flow.

You will practically train and rehearse on each other and develop your skills and very important: learning not to break the flow of the student. We will oversee the most common injuries and how to adapt, offer alternatives. 

I will talk about Krishnamacharya’s 3 advices for yoga teachers, 5 levels of communication, yoga sutras and how to direct your mind and thoughts in a good way.

Either to create more awareness in your own practice and/or deepen your teaching skills, this workshop will definitely change how you see yourself and others.


11 & 18 OCT.2020

14 & 15 NOV.2020

13 - 17H

(4 afternoons)

Spitalgasse, 40 - Bern Switzerland

490 CHF (4 days)
130 CHF for a single day

Yoga Assist.jpg
Yoga Assist.jpg

Bring a notebook, pen, your own yoga mat and a small towel.

To register please send an email to or click here

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