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Tue, 21 Dec



OM Chanting

to raise the world's frequency

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OM Chanting
OM Chanting

Time & Location

21 Dec 2021, 19:00

Münsterplattform, Münsterplattform, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

About the Event

Let's use the power of togetherness to raise the world's vibration. 

Bring a candle, something to sit on and whatever you need to keep yourself warm.

This event is free of charge and no registration is needed. Just come with your beautiful energy and an open heart <3

Om is the very first mantra and OM is the sound of creation. Within OM everything consists. It is said in the scriptures that OM has 3 and a half parts. The 3 parts most of us know are the 3 letters A U M. The A and the U they melt together into an O when pronouncing or chanting it.

The A stands from Brahman, which is the energy of creation. So everything we have the feeling of wanting to create, wanting to bring into life is that energy of A.

Then the energy of U, which stands for Vishnu, is the energy of sustaining, keeping something going, keeping something alive, like a job, a relationship, a certain habit or task you do everyday, or even a class… So that’s the energy of sustaining, of keeping it up.

The letter M stands for Shiva, and it is the energy of bringing something to the end, of destroying or completing. The completion of a job, a relationship, ending something you have been maintaining for a long time and you feel now it has come to an end. That’s the energy of M, of Shiva.

And then there is this half part, the remaining part of Chaturtha, which is the echo sound, the sound of silence. And you experience this sound of silence mostly when you repeat OM for a longer period. You inhale and on the exhale you chant OM, then there is a pause before you inhale again. So right before the inhalation, that’s when you can experience the sound of silence. And before you start the exhalation there is another pause.

So everything I just said the A, the U and the M. The creation, the sustaining and the completion is done on the exhalation. So we inhale and gain strength, we regain creativity, we regain ideas to again exhale on the OM.

So this is the circle of OM, and within this everything is contained. Everything in life can be placed onto this OM circle.

Join me for this powerful gathering!


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