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What is AKASHA?

Updated: Feb 8

Heard of Akasha… but wondering what it actually is?

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for ether, and the first of the five great elements of life (Pancha Mahabhutas).

Normally, we think of the sky and the air as just empty space. Photos captured by the Hubble Telescope shows us something different… which can expand our perspective on reality.

This image looks exactly like the wiring of our brain. How amazing is that?

What we call ether, the spaces in between, can be understood as the brain of the universe, the fibre which holds everything together: a cosmic mycelium of connection, and of life pathways that all web and interlink.

When someone is observing you, have you ever had that feeling that you know they’re looking, even before you see them?

How about when you’ve just been thinking about someone, and out of the blue they call you…

Nowadays, science confirms that every thought form creates a vibration, a wave. So the thoughts in your mind are not staying within you: they ripple out wherever you send them, and they travel outwards via the pathways in space that form the ether.

We could therefore think of ether as that which is not yet manifested in matter: like pre matter. It is present in vibration, but it has not yet manifested in form.

So every thought, every word and every deed is there – not lost, but stored in this field which we call the Akashic Records, an infinite database of information where everything from past, present and future is stored.

Many cultures have talked about this brain of the universe, where everything is stored and all knowledge is available to tap into. In Buddhism it’s known as the Alaya Records.

As in Himalaya, where Hima stands for snow, and Alaya means never-ending, the Alaya Records mean the never-ending records. These records are also mentioned in the bible, referred to as the Book of Life, where everything is recorded.

Historically in many of these cultures, there were people who gained access to these records:

  • The Maha Baratha writes about a person called Narada who had the ability to get access to all the Akashic Records, to all knowledge they hold, and he also had the ability to communicate between different gods and humans.

  • In Egypt there was Thoth, known as the communicator with the gods who brought knowledge from the records to the earth.

  • In yoga tradition, someone who records deep wisdom is called a Rishi, meaning ‘the seer’, and the rishi is known to receive their wisdom and insights from Akasha: from the ether.

So, if accessing all the wisdom that the Akashic field holds was possible in ancient times, what makes us think it’s not possible now?

Discover the Akashic Records with Heidi, book a reading here.

Deepak Chopra explains briefly the Akashic Field:

Heidi Aemisegger


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