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Online Retreat

How are you all feeling?

We are almost a year now in this situation and many of us have had quite a few ups and downs. No wonder, it is a collective chaos and all our certainties went down the drain. 

But can you pause and find your balance? Are you finding time to rest? Are you able to spend time alone? Are you managing to take care of yourself? Are you keeping up with your practice? 

I always found amazing how the energy of the practice and consistency can be so healing, that’s why I love hosting retreats. It is a magical space in time where we all disconnect from the outer world to reconnect with our inner world. 

And from those days of reconnection we always learn something, we find another jewel inside, we learn something about ourselves, our lives and we come back home somehow different. 

This time you have to go nowhere. 


How about bringing the ocean to your home? What about the sun and a beautiful blue sky? The sounds of the waves, the energy from summer.. All that joy that arises from a well enjoyed day at the beach.. And you may wonder, how? 

Well, I prepared something special for you.


We cannot yet be physically together but that doesn’t mean we cannot practice together.


On the 12th of March I have launched my Online Retreat - UNWIND.

It was recorded on the beautiful island of Crete where I host my annual retreat. I think many of you have been there already, it is indeed a magical place.


Since things are still uncertain about how and when we can gather again, I recorded a 5 day program to bring the sun, the ocean and yoga to the comfort of your home. So anyone can join.

On this retreat we will take a closer look at the 5 Kośas. These five sheaths can also be described as the layers of our being. Our practices will be focused on cleaning these layers and letting our inner light shine through.


You will have 1 year access from the moment of your purchase so you can do it at your own pace and even come back to it as many times you wish. 


It’s for anyone who wants to pause, UNWIND and recharge the energies. 

All levels are welcome :)


Give yourself this time.

With love,


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