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Gardening: nurturing your life

Updated: Feb 15

One of my great passions is gardening. I learned from my mum who is a great artist when it comes to working with plants. From her I learned about endurance when she would ask me to stay a full hour picking berries, I learned to observe and understand when to pick a vegetable or a fruit and I also learned to respect the ripening time of each.

For me spending time in my garden is priceless, touching the earth, feeling the smell of flowers, watching new sprouts coming out, watching the animals dancing around, it gives me so much joy! It is there that I go whenever I need to recharge.

I also love the feeling that I know where my food is coming from, how much time and love was invested for that vegetable or fruit to grow and now it can nourish me, it really makes the whole process sacred. I enjoy every step of it. Since the leftovers of food that I feed the worms, choosing the seedlings, planting them, watering, taking care, removing the weeds, until the day of the harvest. Every step is equally important.

What is your passion? How do you nurture it? Give yourself a moment to reflect about it.

I also would like to post a reflection.

It is lovely to have and spend time in a beautiful garden but for that to be possible cleaning, weeding and planting must be done.

How do you weed your life? Weeding is essential for healthy plants. If you don’t weed it takes over and then your plants cannot grow or you cannot differentiate what is what. It is not clean.

So cleaning up the inner mess, weeding your life just as in the garden, so you can grow and nourish the plants you choose.

First step is to recognize what is a good plant and what is a weed, the second step is to take necessary action to remove the bad and nourish the good.

Maybe you find it hard to set healthy boundaries and end up depleted and frustrated, maybe you are holding grudges against yourself and others and find it hard to forgive, or maybe you have a not so healthy habit that you know it doesn’t serve your personal growth.

For me meditation at the end of the day helps me to sort out my inner world and sense what is needed to be forgiven, to be solved or simply to let go.

How do you take care of the seeds you want to grow in your life? How do you clean your inner mess? How much time and energy do you invest in it?

Much love <3


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